Cookies Policy

Brudden website uses “cookies” (small files that we place on your computer to identify you). This cookie will be read every time the user accesses our website, so that you will no longer need to identify yourself to access the website’s features.

Brudden uses cookies to personalize the content you receive from our website, for example:

Remembering your preferences, privacy / consent choices, your edition, configuration or chosen language, etc;

Make navigation easier and allow our pages to be displayed correctly;

Analyze the performance of our website based on anonymous data related to your browsing (for example: pages visited, number of visits, etc.); we use Google Analytics for this purpose, as well as similar services, already existing or that may arise in the future;

Suit the advertising and banners that you see on websites. For example: if you visit our website and have allowed us to place a behavioral advertising cookie, you may see one of our ads when you visit an e-commerce site. In this case, the cookie may have been used to adapt the banner you see.

The cookies used by Brudden on our websites are designed to be used only by us or our partners.


You acknowledge and agree that Brudden may update this policy at any time, not needing to notify you. Therefore, please check this page regularly.

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