About us

Brudden was founded by Takashi Nishimura in August 1980, in the city of Pompeia / SP – Brazil. The name BRUDDEN came from the combination of the words Bruder, which in German means brother, and Garden. Its logo, like the other companies of Jacto group, includes the Nishimura family coat of arms: The 3-leaf clover.

Brudden started its activities manufacturing products for agricultural and gardening segment, such as sprayers and lawn mowers.

In 2000, Brudden launched an unprecedented product category on the market, which made it a national reference: The Coffee Shaker.

Brudden equipment aims to meet man’s integration with the field, presenting innovations both in design and in functionality for the most diverse jobs.

Currently it offers a complete line of products that meet the needs of occasional users and professionals from the most varied segments such as domestic, agricultural, gardening, forestry, commercial, public health and urban cleaning.

Brudden, quality brand.

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